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In Italy with me because you are not a tourist. The best or nothing.

After the great success of the prior 12 Italy trips, it is time for number 13. The VOYAGER .
This is not an ordinary touristy tour with multi language menus, lines to get in, crowded and well known monuments with people trying to sell you something. I will take you to places you never seen and heard, in authentic small fine restaurants in medieval castles, in pristine and hidden beaches, wineries, islands, boats , hot springs and Siena. We are going to the west coast of Tuscany ( Porto Santo Stefano) and the wild Maremma Toscana !
Why this trip is any different from hundreds you can find online?
The trip is intimate, personal, fascinating, adventurous and fun! You will be part of Italy, not visiting it. I will be there for you every day making sure you experience the meaning, customs, traditions, food, wine, as I do every time in this part of Tuscany.
I have been there for 54 years and I still consider this part of Italy a paradise. Part of my heart and soul is there and always will be.
We will cook together, drink great wine together, open kayak , bike, hike, snorkel, fish, explore unknown islands, visit ancient sites, dine out in 4 fine restaurants and laugh together while exploring beautiful and magic places. I am teaming up with 2 dear friends and owners of a splendid villa/bed and breakfast to make this experience memorable.

Next trips dates

June 18th to the 26th

Maximum number of travelers is 12.

Do you want to customize and make your own trip with your friends?

Let's plan it!

For more details, please email me or call me.

References available upon request

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See what my travelers have to say

If you've ever wanted to go on vacation to Italy, there truly is no better way than this trip with a native to the area. 
Porto Santo Stefano is a beautiful fishing town that you might see in a Bond movie or straight out of a romantic love story. 
The villa/resort is way better than any hotel and Valerio, Moise and Daniela are great. The fishing was great and Valerio knows his way around restaurants and wineries most people don't even know about. He took great care of our group.
I returned for a second trip just because I didn't get enough the first time and will return. 

I have known Valerio for a number of years and have gone on his Italy trip twice. It is hands down the best trip I’ve ever done, and I’ve traveled quite a bit. You truly live like a native Italian. You are immersed in the actual culture, not just sightseeing. He is a fantastic tour guide and really cares that your experience is one you will never forget, and you won’t!


If Italy is on your bucket list (or even if you've already been there several times) you MUST experience it with Valerio! You will stay off the beaten path and see and experience Italy like a local. Eat seafood you caught yourself earlier that day, enjoy wines and amazing dinners at local wineries, walk through medieval castles, kayak in the open waters and picnic on private beaches. With Valerio you're not a tourist, you're family!

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