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"La passione per la vita"

I was born in Roma (Italy) in 1965. I was a very difficult eater as a kid, and when my parents thought I was old enough to handle pots and pans (under supervision), they told me I was on my own regarding food. I discovered that cooking was not only a necessity but also a pleasure and a creative way to express myself.
In 1988 I graduated with a degree in Economy and Business at the University of Rome. Sports always were a vital element in my life and I was a semiprofessional triathlete (not enough money then) from 1988 to 1991.
In my cooking I have a big Tuscan influence because I "had to spend" 54 summers there in a small village on the coast at a beach house owned by my parents...
I started to work without pay in a restaurant in Roma at very early age just for the pleasure of it. Work became an experience and eventually I wanted to get paid because the work was very hard. "I discovered that the combination of creating something that people were able to eat and make them very happy about it, was my final goal and pleasure." In 1997, I stopped working in restaurants and started working with people as private chef and culinary instructor.
In 1998 I moved to USA where I currently live. I have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl for which I cook all the time.
I worked in Los Angeles and and Chicago areas, before finally landing in beautiful Colorado in the summer of 2011.
My way of cooking is simple yet sophisticated. I believe the main ingredient of a dish should be the focus, not the sauce or the spices on it. This is the typical authentic Italian way to cook: with the focus on the quality of the ingredients. I love to improvise new dishes combining and pairing different flavors and wines. Wine, my other passion!
Remember, when you cook don't think too much, just do it with love, creativity having fun!!

Chef Valerio Castellano

Something significant or may be not

Guest chef appearance on ABC " Life with Bonnie in 2003 with Bonnie Hunt

Guest chef appearance on Extra Extra  in 2003

Executed dinners and receptions for Naomi Campbell, Steve Levitan, Linda Grasso, Bonnie Hunt, Luca Lionello, Charlize Theron, Mickey Rourke, Toby Mc Guyre

Instructor of cooking classes and events for Chefmakers cooking academy in Pacific Palisades and Manhattan Beach CA

Executed private in home dinners for NFL players ( Denver Broncos)

Creator and organizer of the " Italian Food and Wine Lovers" Meetup group


My relationship with food ?

I like farm to table but I love nature to table!


Daily to-do exercise

Be active, eat good food, drink great wine.........

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