Your Italian personal chef

Your Italian personal chef

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Special of the Month and Events


 Join me for this unbelievable evening featuring FRESH ITALIAN BLACK TRUFFLE FROM ALBA IN PIEMONTE and big red wines from all over the world.

 The cost is $54.00 per person and includes everything.


 Wine menu not in order of tasting

 Pedroncelli " Barrel Select" Dry Creek Valley Red Blend 2013

Shingleback The Davey Estate McLaren Vale Shiraz 2011 

Senorio de la Antigua Mencia 2012

Terre da Vino " La Casa in Collina" Barbaresco DOCG 2009

Gran Viu Seleccion 2012 Vinedos y Bodegas Pablo

Food menu

Deep fried shaved Brussels sprouts with Italian Truffle salt and Duck breast pate' crostino

Fresh hand made Tagliolini with fresh black Italian Truffle from Alba

Hand made fresh potato ravioli with fresh black Italian Truffle from Alba in a light Truffle broth

Warm Triple cream Brie with shaved fresh black Italian Truffle from Alba

Espresso chocolate mousse

Let me know if you have any question,

Chef Valerio Castellano







 Frequent questions: Do you bring food, pots, pans? Yes, everything

Do you precook the food and reheat it? No
Do you have staff for cleaning and serving? Yes
Do I have other costs hidden somewhere? No
Do I have to do anything? No
Can I make changes to the menu? Yes but the price may change
If you have other ideas or needs, please feel free to contact me and we will work together to fit your schedule and needs.
Let me know as soon as possible, weekend days get booked very fast.
Chef Valerio Castellano
Tel: 310-993-2703



" ...Be a guest in your own home..."

Whether you plan for a party, an anniversary, a birthday, a corporate event or an intimate dinner, Private Chef Valerio Castellano lets you explore the luxury of entertaining without the stress of hosting your event. Enjoy your time with your family and friends while appreciating authentic Italian  culture and cuisine.

* Selection from a variety of regional Italian menues

* Customized menues for your private needs

* Selection of highest quality and freshest ingredients

* Professional cooking equipment

* Table service and kitchen cleaning

* Rental items





"...Learn how to make your favorite Italian dishes...with Chef Valerio"

Chef Valerio Castellano brings the art of authentic and original Italian cooking in your home while having fun with your friends and enjoying great food and wine. You will learn how to prepare the Italian receipes you always dreamed about and be able to enjoy the food you created 

* Private cooking classes

* Detailed printed receipes with quantities and measurements

* Ingredients and equipment

* Complete meal consumption

* Service and cleaning if requested



" vino veritas..."

Experience wine-coaching and food-paring in a fun and relaxed atmosphere in the comfort of your home.  Chef Valerio Castellano will guide you through the world of wines in search of aromas and bouquets and will expalin how to match them with the perfect dish.  Entertaining, fun and social.

* Wine selection

* Printed guidelines and evaluations

* Food-pairing and preparation

* Service and cleaning upon request

* Private cellar consulting and restocking

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Kids classes 

        "...Moomm....I want to do it !!!"       

 Mommy and me - I did it all by myself

Whether it is a birthday with all friends or classes with Mooms and Daddy's or just a small group of future chef stars, Valerio gives the kids the opportunity and the fun to create their favorite dishes, emulate chefs on tv, show off their skills and artistic feelings, laugh, be messy, and most of all to say, " I did it all by myself ".            

It is increasingly becoming the favorite birthday alternative for kids of ages between 4 and 16. 

Is your video camera ready?